Garden Crest is the facility of choice for families, physicians and health care providers seeking superior,  rehabilitation for family members, friends, residents and clients.  Every resident receives personalized attention and care from our highly trained and professionally trained staff.


Because achieving optimum rehabilitation is our main focus, our Inter-Disciplinary Team evaluates all rehabilitation residents twice weekly.  Resident rounds are made daily.  Team members also meet regularly with the resident’s attending physician and case manager to provide a speedy and effective recovery.

We work with the resident, the family members and the payer to set goals and establish a discharge plan based on resident's specific needs prior to admission.  Garden Crest has partnerships with Kaiser and many HMO’s. These partnerships include physicians and professional staff on a daily basis.  As a result of our expert and individualized case management, the great majority of our rehabilitation residents return home after a short-term, intensive program of therapy.


We arrange periodic meetings with the resident and family to discuss the resident clinical status.  We consider it essential that families are kept fully informed of the progress and prognosis of their family member.


Garden Crest also provides medically complex care for wounds, IVs, and pain management.


Garden Crest Rehabilitation Center Provides Specialized Service To Optimize Recovery


• Physical Therapy

• Occupational Therapy

• Speech Therapy

• Wound Care

• Respiratory Therapy

• IV Therapy – Incl. TPN & Lipids Wound Care

• Enteral Feeding

• Pain Management


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